About me


Who is dacoinman?

My name is Charles (Chuck), also known as ‘dacoinman’ in online avenues, and I am just a “regular Joe, from North Texas. I was introduced to coin collecting by my mother when I was a child, when she helped me understand that older coins were more valuable than just at their face value. Essentially, we were accumulators of old coins that we found in circulation.

In 1996, misfortune struck me when my entire accumulation of older coins was stolen. The thief took everything but my wheat cents; I have to assume that these lowly cents were not worth their effort. Not knowing the value of the coins that I did lose, I proceeded to buy a Red Book so I could at least come up with a value for the Lincoln cents that I still had left. While going through these coins and getting discouraged about the low values for these cents, I was intrigued by the description of the 1936 DDO#1 shown in the book. Low and behold, I ended up finding one among my remaining Lincolns!  It graded XF, and I had a 1933-D in AU/Unc Brown RPM#1, as well. From that one fateful day, I have become an avid researcher of error/variety coins – U.S. and World.

I also have the luxury of knowing and being friends with John L. Blair. He has several accreditations to his name as being the reporter of various varieties to the CONECA listings, as well as several foreign coin varieties. As for myself, I am honored with being the first to officially report the 1990-S Jefferson Nickel DDO#1 in the CONECA files.

I found the 1990-S Jefferson Nickel DDO#1 coin somewhere around 1997. I kept the variety's existence to myself and my best friend - Tony - for two years, in hopes of turning up a sister to this lonesome DDO. I then met Lee Heimke at a local coin show. And after talking with him extensively, he mentioned that I should attend the TNA (Texas Numismatics Association) Show in Fort Worth. My friend and I did just that, where I met Lee again. He introduced me to James Wiles, and I physically handed over the 1990-S Nickel for authentication. I was recently mentioned in Coin World’s Collectors Clearing House, for reporting  my finding to CONECA. Since that article, I have also spoken with another gentleman who owns one of these varieties.

Recently, I was contacted to verify a particular variety: a 1969-S Lincoln Cent doubled die obverse. I fully expected to see a 1969-S Lincoln cent with the usual strike doubling. Needless to say, the coin presented to me was the real deal! This coin is currently featured (July, 2010) in CoinWorld, Numismatic News, and CONECA’s websites. I cannot express my gratitude to the coin's owner for allowing me to photograph such a marvelous coin (which is prominently displayed on the home page). What a find! Too bad it wasn't I that found it. :)

Currently, my 1990-S DDO#1 Jefferson Nickel is in a 2x2; I need to have it professionally slabbed and listed as the discovery piece. I also need to submit a possible highest grade known 1938-P Jefferson Nickel Quadrupled die obverse DDO #5.

Keep an eye out – this site will continually be changing!